Big boys aren’t immune

This afternoon saw a large number of users across the internet fail to access Google. We had a high volume of customers this afternoon report that and were unavailable. And looking across our wide range of transit peers it was affecting a lot of other carriers as well. Google have yet to issue a full statement but reports from all over the world point to a problem on their network.

A couple of years ago if the same had happened we wouldn’t have had one call but now with the proliferation  of Google and its services it has become a cornerstone to most businesses. One thing is for sure that no matter how small the glitch it shows the key problem of cloud computing. As users rely so heavily on the delivered service, if it fails it immediately affects you where as the standard server/client relationship is less susceptible. I always go on about connectivity needing to be resilient for businesses in the last mile, but obviously no point if the cloud provider isn’t there!

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