Back in love with video

Many moons ago I used to spend a lot of time taking video on the family camcorder, upload it to my computer and spend days editing it. I used to enjoy taking the video and watching the finished article, but didn’t take very much pleasure in the bit in-between. The problem was for many years home PCs were just not up to task of dealing with video. Firstly there was a question of storage, my 540 MB hard drive certainly wasn’t up to dealing with very much video, and secondly the question of processing power meant hours were needed to cut, splice and render the video. So it was a labour of love and one I quickly gave up after my last video (flying on Concorde in 2003).

That however has now changed through two advances. First the iPad and the very clever iMovies app which allows me to edit reasonably good video wherever I am (making the most of the trip to and from a holiday), and second the recent purchase of a GoPro Hero 3 Black. The GoPro has been around for a few years but after trying last year skiing goggles with a camera built into them I thought the idea of a go anywhere camera meant I could once again get excited about making videos. This latest model, the Hero 3 Black, delivers better than HD quality at 60 frames per second which is better than larger camcorders and the benefit of the Hero is that it is in an indestructible waterproof case with attachments for literally anything.

As you will see from my below very rushed example it delivers incredible flexibility on where the camera is mounted and gives a great view of the action. More to follow…

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