Ariel demonstrates the genius of UK engineering

Last week I was super excited to learn that Ariel Motors, designers of the exoskeleton car known as the Atom, are designing and building a new hyper car – the Hipercar! Built using four electric motors set into each wheel the car will produce over 1000 bhp and accelerate to 150 mph in under 7 seconds. Suffice to say that is quicker than anything else currently available, but more than that it is a cutting edge piece of design coming out of a British company.

It has been possible using a government grant and a few companies getting together to bring this technology to life. One addition for the car is a turbine engine which will provide power once the batteries are depleted providing unlimited range – especially important as I understand 15 minutes of track usage could deplete the 50KW battery pack!

I have been keen to get my next fun car and while the wait will be a long one, the car isn’t planned on being ready for customers until 2020, I have duly handed over a deposit and await further news on the development of this very exciting piece of British engineering.

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