And the crowd goes wild!

Quite a few members of the company are unashamedly into football, and while I can’t see the appeal, have started a Fluidata football team. They play six a side at the ELMS League in Battersea.

I can actually see the appeal of kicking the pig skin around after sitting at a desk all day, not only getting fit but also on a social basis. Good teamwork is required to win the game bringing people not only closer within Fluidata but also other businesses involved in the league. We have had people from Cisco, Alternative Networks, O2 and Citi Group involved making a good social atmosphere – so much so that I even considered (for a microsecond) the benefits of getting into football.

I think my involvement is best served from the sidelines, probably in a duffle coat shouting orders in a Mancunian accent.

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