Work with your customers, not against them

It is interesting how difficult large telecom carriers make it to do business with them. The likes of BT are inherently difficult to deal with but also smaller carriers such as NTL and C&W make it difficult to not only quote but fulfil the order, ongoing billing and support. All of which is a continuous uphill struggle which, if we are not careful, can reflect badly on us with our clients.

It seems odd that in the current economic climate and with the telecom market looking to be one of very few industries to grow that they wouldn’t be keen on their partners bringing them more business. Surely partners should be concentrating on generating new opportunities rather than spending time dealing with problems with the supply chain that should not exist? We have become pretty good at managing our suppliers but to be honest our clients get directed mostly towards the carriers that can deliver, rather than the ones that sell on price and not service.

It will be interesting to see if the poor share price, pension problems and general poor health of their business will affect those who are the most difficult to deal with.

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