Weather improving – Atom time

My weekends have now become dictated by the weather; is it a normal day (ie rainy) or an Atom day (dry without any chance of rain)? With the car being delivered near the end of last year I was somewhat limited as to what driving I could achieve last year before the car was tucked up for the winter. But with last weekend being one of the first nice days of the year (unfortunately I have been away and haven’t been able to make the most of the nice days before then) I managed to fit in a full day of driving and finally break the winter cycle.

First I had to carry out some checks on fluids just to make sure nothing had evaporated over the winter and ensure everything else was in order. A battery conditioner ensured it started first time, as well as regular starts during the winter, making the whole issue of looking after the car during the winter pretty easy. What obviously hadn’t improved was my driving ability so I took the day pretty easy to ensure I returned in one piece. Just finding some fuel was my only challenge.

So now my thoughts are turning towards what trips I should be planning this year with the car. One idea was to take it down to Le Mans along with about twenty other Atoms on their annual pilgrimage but with the prospect of sleeping under canvas that idea took to the back burner (see Atom forum). I have however signed up for a special Atom only Prescott Hill Climb which is near my home so hopefully will be lucky with the weather. It is meant to be quite a short run but hopefully get me used to some track driving. The course is surprisingly owned by the Bugatti Owners Club – I wouldn’t have thought there would be that many members in the UK?

But for the rest of the year I am not so sure. One idea was to drive down to Montenegro and visit my father and his business but the prospect of a 2,500 mile journey and nineteen fuel stops doesn’t quite fill me excitement. Well nice problem to have I suppose, let’s just hope fuel protests and snow reports abate to allow for more Atom days.


  • Geo says:

    Hi Piers,

    Why do I have the feeling you talked to early? 🙂

    • Piers says:

      Yes I think I did. I managed to go out on the weekend only to be caught up in the rain with some serious hail. Not very nice travelling head first into hail at 50 mph… It also meant 2 hours cleaning the car when I got back!

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