We should all use carrier pigeon

With talk of people growing their own vegetables, using grease proof paper instead of plastic and not having any lights on to save the planet it looks like the internet will take the same twist. There was a funny piece in the news a few weeks ago about a chap in South Africa racing his pigeon against the speed of his internet connection.

Obviously the pigeon won, not least as he tried to send 4 GB of data over 60 miles using an ADSL connection. However in the UK that race would have been a bit closer on our ADSL2+ product. In our office at over 1,500 meters a line achieves 2.2 Mb/s upload which means it would take 5 hours to move 4 GB of data. However using our Gb/s internet connection it would have taken 40 seconds so the pigeon would have definitely lost out!

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