Volvo has the edge

Those of you who know me well will testify that I am somewhat of a car bore. And one of my all time favourite car manufacturers is Volvo. I am not sure if it is my upbringing of always having a Volvo in the family but I have always really liked their cars and have absorbed every brochure they have produced. I think the turning point for Volvo came with the 850 series and the legendry T5 and for a short while their limited edition T5-R. This was the car that made Volvo’s name in touring cars and are probably one of the only manufactures to even race an estate.

Anyway from the 240 through to the 940, 960, V70 or even XC90 that my parents have owned in the past nothing compares to the awesome XC60 my mother had just taken delivery of. I was up visiting last weekend and was bowled over by how expensive it felt, the quality of the materials and the technology used. It is the first time my mother has ever used the words ‘well the car told me….’

For anyone who likes technology would love this car but the nice thing is the way it doesn’t shout about it like Lexus or BMW would. It has every feature you could ever want such as Bluetooth mobile, keyless entry and reversing camera but also safety systems like the automatic braking, and blind spot recognition. This is why Volvo remains the forefront of safety technology. And now that safety is sexy with companies such as Renault, VW and even Audi chasing it, Volvo very much leads the way. And the best bit? It is priced like a Volvo making it a fine purchase.

It you are interested in a new car and haven’t given Volvo any consideration I would urge you to take it for a test drive.

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