Too much choice

With the Atom a distance memory my recent efforts have been involved in working out what car to replace it with. Nice problems to have I can hear you cry. Well the issue wasn’t so much which car to pick but actually how to spec it especially when you now can choose literally any colour or combination for a new car.

My choice of car is actually quite conservative and positively luxurious in comparison to the Atom, the Audi R8. A car I wrote about on this blog back in 2009 as something to work towards… Already a bit old school and having just benefited from a facelift which has seen the installation of the new dual clutch gearbox rather than the poor single clutch R-Tronic that it used to have. So car choice made I thought the specification would be pretty easy but even now, months after placing the order, I am still deciding and tweaking the specification. Audi like many car makers now offer customisations outside of the standard order book and with that I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pick the exact colour of blue.

Unfortunately however when you have literally unlimited choice the decision becomes difficult as you have no idea what the finished article will look like. Paint is one of those things that can look completely different inside as it does outside or under the sun. I assume that is why there are so many tester pots of colour available when picking the right colour for your home. So after lots of research I decided on a new Audi colour called Ara Blue Crystal which has a new type of finish (similar to metallic, pearlescent etc.) to it. Audi has used this colour on a number of launch cars and it looks fantastic however I was then subsequently told they aren’t allowing customers to have this colour as it is just for launch vehicles. Unlimited choice my arse. So in the end I had to go for Kingfisher blue… quite a bold choice but hopefully one I won’t regret. I just wish someone had selected four colours and told me I had to pick one.

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