The Shard continues to grow

Since my last update on the new Shard tower being built at London Bridge the speed at which the building has shot up has been breathtaking. As you can see even at 11 pm last night work continues in earnest as Mace try to meet their 2012 Olympic deadline.

From what I can read on the building itself they are on the 56th floor at the moment (the concrete core) and will be adding a further 31 floors over the coming year to make it a total of 87 floors. Since my last update on the project, TFL have sold their right to a number of floors in the building as the developers were worried the low price per sqft would seriously limit the potential rents other businesses would pay. I believe they are now going to be pitching the building around £65 – £70 a square foot, a princely sum to be south of the river!

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