The rebirth of cinema

Cinema will never be the same again as 3D technology finally makes it mainstream. I have just spent another enjoyable evening watching Avatar in 3D and believe we have another movie classic. In the same way that Star Wars, Terminator and The Matrix each set the standard in technical innovation, Avatar takes the game to a whole new level.

Obviously we have seen 3D before, but this film like none before it, brings the technology and story together in such a way that makes it truly ground breaking. Personally I enjoyed the story and cinematography but it is the 3D that really makes the impact. As the whole film is 3D you soon forget you are sitting next to a popcorn munching goliath and feel part of the action. Even after ten minutes your eyes don’t ache and forget about the fetching glasses on your face. This coupled with the CGI that is so photorealistic that you are not sure what is and not real means you get sucked straight into the world of Pandora wishing for the film not to end.

For those of you who listen to cinema critics and decided not to go, may I suggest you make up your own mind? Because otherwise you are missing out on a ground breaking piece of cinema which will, I am sure, become the measure on how all future films are made during this next decade.

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