The new garage

One of the reasons for my lack of blog posts recently has been my preoccupation with upgrading my garage over the past few weekends. What started as just putting garage doors onto the car port last year has become a complete overhaul ending up with something my family would say is better than my home…

As you may have guessed I quite like cars and looking after them so doing an upgrade of the garage was my final job before signing off the house as complete. But like all these things it went to the bottom of the pile and after a lot of procrastinating I finally got around to it. The first issue was getting power to the garage and then insulating, boarding, painting and finally laying the floor. The floor was chosen after lots of research as I wanted something quite special, well as special as a garage floor can be. In the end I went for MotoTile who have developed a great rubber tile product which I was even able to lay myself. Obviously being rather sad I went for FD blue and silver so it would match the cars.

So with the garage now complete I have my weekends back so expect a return to more regular drivel.

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