The new Audi R8

I am not sure why I am quite so excited about the new Audi R8 but I have just got hold of these pictures on what the new model will look like when it is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Maybe it is the fact that it is a nice evolutionary step from my own car, which means that I don’t have to rush out and sell it just yet, but it provides me with a new goal to work towards.


  • sam bannister says:

    I share your enthusiasm for the new Audi R8, but sadly I think I will have to wait a while before I can even start to contemplate buying one. However I imagine Lamborghini Huracan owners are a bit annoyed they spent £60,000 more on the Huracan than the R8.

    • Piers says:

      Agreed! Also having sat in the Huracan it is so low you feel quite claustrophobic, not as nice as the R8. However McLaren have put a spanner in the works with their 570S.

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