The best show on earth

I spent an enjoyable Wednesday afternoon last week filming tonight’s episode of Top Gear. Through a friend of the family I was able to get a ticket and join a few hundred of my fellow petrol heads to see the almighty Clarkson, May and Hammond preach the word. While I enjoyed the day very much, I don’t think it would be for everyone especially as there is quite a bit of standing around. However with Clarkson on hand to entertain the crowd I even enjoyed that bit as well.

You don’t unfortunately see any racing on the track or the Stig but you get a good flavour of the program and the people behind it. Actually everyone was very relaxed with a fine veneer of professionalism, something only the British seem to do. You get the feeling that if America was making this program there would be darn sight more trailers for the stars and a professional stage, not some shed on the side of a runway. The fact that it is one of the most watched shows on earth with some 300 million people seeing it just shows that content rather than razzmatazz wins viewers.

This being the last in the series, I am looking forward to the next show!


  • Jim says:

    I went to the 1st episode of this season’s filming and if you go a bit early then they tend to be just finishing up.

    Good series, shame it’s so overly scripted though, getting a bit too predictable; but it pleases the masses I guess.

  • admin says:

    Yeah there were rumours of Clarkson not doing it for much longer. It is nice comfort TV though… and a bit of common sense for the odd petrol lover.

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