The 15 year plan

When I was fifteen I remember standing in my bedroom and looking at myself in the mirror deciding on what I was going to do with my life. At the age of fifteen life is still moving pretty slowly, due to the perspective of being only alive for fifteen years, and the prospect of having to live my whole life again before I would be thirty. So I set myself some 15 year goals, which being my thirtieth birthday recently, I was able to review.

While my ambitions to make enough money to retire on might have fallen short I am certainly on the right track with a growing business. Others such as getting a home and driving some nice cars have proved achievable while being married and having children has proven more elusive. I am reminded of a quote I was inspired by, ‘if you reach for the stars you will hit the sky, if you reach for the sky you won’t get off the ground’. So while some of my ambitions as a fifteen year old may have seemed somewhat unattainable they at least set the goal high and gave me something to aim for.

I am a great believer in long term goals, and believe anyone looking to make changes in their lives should consider penning down some big targets. While I am not by any means favourable towards self-help guides or anything similar, I do believe setting some lofty ambitions has a way of becoming true – or more so than they would have been without the targets. Also it isn’t something you have to continually review, just keep them in your thoughts every now and then.

My next fifteen years’ worth of goals are aggressive enough that I am not going to share them, but if the last fifteen years is anything to go by then I am looking forward to what the future has in store.

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