Team building

A while ago a number of us from the office completed, what is billed as the toughest challenge on the planet, Tough Mudder. Although I would suspect something like an Iron Man would be harder, I am happy to think it was a serious challenge. As it was the first event for the UK they made sure some of the legendary obstacles were in place such as the electrocution slide, ‘electric eel’ or the awesome ‘mud mile’. But even with the best they could throw at us they didn’t count on the power of our team spirit as the Bandwidth Bandits as we managed to get all thirteen members across the line in just over three hours.

While we all work in the same business I do feel the level of team spirit and camaraderie shown by everyone was superb during training, but it went to another level on the day. With nearly every part of the company being represented it was truly heartening to see everyone not only get on but ensure we all made it across the line together. As a company exercise I thought the main benefit would be a higher level of physical fitness but actually it was the team building aspect that shone through. Only challenge now is to come up with the next task for the Bandwidth Bandits to take on!

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