Small is definitely more

Currently being carless I am enjoying spending the weekend in a mixture of vehicles being kindly lent to me by my understanding family. One such car has been a Fiat 500 which was on hire over Christmas. While the car looks rather feminine and divides opinion on whether it is actually good looking or not, it proved to be one of the most fun cars I have driven last year.

With a small willing three cylinder engine, quick gear change and go-kart like handling I spent many days buzzing about enjoying my mobility. It was a good example of less is definitely more and that having a car more on its limit most of the time brought back the fun of driving. Yes while it was a hire car which meant it needed to be driven like it was stolen, the Christmas weather also ensured much fun was had.

I have written before about personality and that is one car that certainly has it. Also it was a lovely baby blue colour, for a very short moment I even contemplated cancelling the Audi I have on order.

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