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As some of you may know I hold a peculiar passion in the form of cleaning my car (Wax on Wax Off). I am not quite sure if it is the sense of satisfaction I have after cleaning it or the process of doing it but suffice to say I don’t need many excuses to get out there and clean. Even a foot of snow at my home didn’t deter me from my regular Saturday afternoon activity.

As part of this obsession I have, what Halfords would call, a sizable stock of all items necessary to clean a car. From special nano technology soap to metal polish every inch of my motor can be brought back to new. But there is one addition I made last year that has made a notable improvement – so much so that I am willing to sustain a considerable ribbing by talking about it here.

It is Autoglym’s latest advancement in wax and is called High Definition Wax. Their dedicated website even shows a timeline on its development since 1968 when they launched their first car polish. And why it is so special? Well firstly it is pretty easy to apply (which isn’t usual with hard waxes) and gives one of the best finishes I have seen. The secret lies in its use of Carnauba wax which until recently has been the reserve of Ferrari drivers who can afford £400 for an application. Now though you can receive a similar finish at home for a much more affordable £40 (which will do hundreds of applications). The only issue I had was sourcing it as so many places had sold out – Halfords apparently don’t even show it on the shelves because so many walk out on their own…

The key thing I have found with this product is just how well it rebuffs the weather and especially during the snow how the car only needed a very light clean to look like new again. So if you are thinking about giving your pride and joy a spring clean I would heartily recommend getting it in high definition.

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  • Pedro says:

    Have you considered Paint Sealant? Its a viable alternative that IMO is ideal for protection over the winter. Typically, after each application of Carnauba your paint will be good for 6 weeks, you’d be looking at 6 months with paint sealant. Why freeze your ‘pelotas’ off every 6 weeks when you can apply paint sealant come September and not have to worry again til spring?

    Ultimately it comes down to whether you want a Glassy, hard shell (as with paint sealant)or deep, liquid shine (Carnuaba)?

    Either way, where there’s polish, there pride.

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