Playroom Mk2

Nearly exactly a year after we signed the lease for our new office, our new demo suite is now ready. I have spoken before about our old playroom in our previous office on Tooley Street and we wanted to replicate it when we moved office. We did nearly straight away but with the worst copper known to man coming into the building (the site flooded twice in two years…) speeds were not that impressive. Also because of the layout of the office we couldn’t just replicate the playroom like for like and needed to find a new way to demo our products and services.

While it might not look very technical or advance it was very tricky to get all the technology to be displayed in an easily digestible format so that new customers could see what we have to offer. As we are demonstrating connectivity it was important to display everything backwards so that we show off the cabling and routers, whereas in most active environments it is the piece of your network you hide away.

We have now completed a number of demonstrations and I believe it is proving to be a successful sales tool. I haven’t had too many technical issues so far, but as the client appreciates a live demonstration is much more powerful than a whitepaper or a case study. With lots of talk about network operators not delivering on promises we feel it is important, especially with business customers, to put our money where our mouth is and demonstrate it firsthand.

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