Perks are the first to go

I have spoken to a number of telecom carriers over the past few weeks and a worrying trend is taking place from speaking to their staff. Bowls of fruit are not being replenished in the staff canteen and basic drinks like tea and coffee are now being charged for whereas before they were not. I know it is happening across the UK and affecting all industries but to be happening so close to home is concerning especially as this kind of perk is so important during such a financial crisis.

Businesses may not be able to afford the staff bonuses or salary rises while they are loosing customers but the few extra perks are going to make absolutely no difference to the bottom line and are necessary in keeping staff motivated and positive. If the staff are having to face this financial melt down head on they shouldn’t be worrying that they haven’t brought enough lunch with them or have change for a tea.

From my point of view it is important to increase these small bonuses so that staff are more effective during the day and helps to counter any negativity they may be dealing with. Also I think it is wrong to give something and then not continue – don’t give it in the first place and employees wont miss it when it is gone.

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