No ‘wow’ in Powwow

My world has come to an end. Not because of flight chaos caused by overpaid and under worked BA cabin crew (due to fly to Austria in a few days), as the jury is still out on that one. No, I am considering suicide on the basis of my dealings with a little Oxfordshire enterprise, Powwow Water. You might have seen there vans busy delivering water up and down the country to thirsty office workers. However I don’t believe they are actually delivering any water because our office has been without it for two weeks and counting.

I thought we might have an issue when it was escalated to me and I gave them a call to find out what was up. ‘Our systems have been down for two weeks, we can’t do anything’, was the response I was greeted with. That means no finance, sales, credit control, provisioning and all the other things that go with an IT system. But I think with my dealings with them over the last few days have confirmed that is the least of their problems. I am surprised this business still operates following a recession but probably that is why they sold to Nestlé.

Some advice, if you are reviewing your water contracts don’t ever consider Powwow, even if their machines do look quite sexy you’ll regret it and end up six feet under with me.

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