Mobile is going to change

To cut a long story short it basically makes the mobile phone an extension of your office phone network allowing it to behave like a desk phone in your office while out and about. “This is not new technology” I hear you cry, but actually I think it is.

While it has been possible in the past to download an application or install SIP onto your mobile phone to integrate into a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system it has only been possible while using Wifi. And anybody would know that just joining a Wifi network away from the office can be a pain to say the least. Others might have got as far as getting the SIP or voice traffic to route over the 3G network of the carrier but with many charging extra for this facility it hasn’t really taken off. Also with the voice carrier would only see your call traffic as data and charge you accordingly, which for some mobile plans could become quite expensive.

The beauty about this step forward is that 3 is actually routing the VoIP call across their network, similar to what they can do with Skype. The benefits for the user is that the configuration for the VoIP stays with the SIM card, so any phone can work with it. It also means the mobile sits on the company call plan dramatically reducing calls between employees but also international calling.

For me it is one of those technologies that must be seen to be believed. I was told about it by our VoIP provider a few weeks ago and wasn’t impressed but actually using it has made me realise the potential it has. I think this will become a major game changer in the world of telecoms pushing mobile and landline carrier to provide the data network separate to that of the actual phone system. Allowing customers anonymity as to which phone platform their company uses irrespective of the type of handset or connecting technology. Exciting times!

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