Little features make a big difference

Having recently returned for a holiday on the east coast of the US (New York, Orlando, Miami and Key West) I was struck by how useful a small function is within my iPhone. Apple is notorious for adding new functionality to their software and when ‘Passbook’ was introduced I was unsure as to how useful it might be.

But after this holiday I believe I gave it a good work out to not only keep track of my boarding tickets but also the balance on my credit card (useful when the exchange rate is so good) and even the train ticket to and from Heathrow. No longer was I searching desperately after returning from holiday for the most expensive train ticket in the world, it was right there on my phone.

It has opened my eyes to the new payment technology which is being introduced into the new iPhone 6, and while live in the US, will take a few more months before being rolled out here. I am sure, while I don’t currently appreciate what exactly it will do, it will enhance the way I spend and maybe even make my wallet redundant.

So while my new iPhone is still not as good as my old Nokia for making calls, it does an awful lot more, so I am willing to put up with it for all the extra features and benefits I can get.

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