Let there be light

On the anniversary of us moving into our offices in London Bridge I note that I have suffered from a single migraine while working in the office. When we converted the space from ‘The Office’ into a modern workplace one stipulation I made was that we would not have any fluorescent tubes anywhere in the building.

I used to suffer from day long debilitating migraines at least once a quarter when I worked in other offices which would mean crawling under my desk as I would be too ill to drive home. As anyone who gets regular migraines will know, sleep and darkness is the only cure.

So what has the government (well green lobby providing EU directive) decided to do? Ban all incandescent light bulbs in the hope that it will counteract the coal power stations coming online every few weeks in China. So this means I can look forward to time when I will be subjected to more migraines. I have taken some precaution by stockpiling bulbs, but I feel once again we are taking backward steps in trying to sort out the world’s problems. Instead of penalising energy use we should be investing in providing more power so that we can move forward as a society and not backwards.

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