Learning to cook

I spent an enjoyable weekend at the new cookery school at Daylesford the other week. Daylesford is the brain child of Lady Bamford (wife to Sir Anthony Bamford, chap in charge of JCB), and provides the perfect backdrop to the new school. With a focus on organic and no expense spared, this school, headed up by Vladimir Nixa (ex senior tutor at Raymond Blanc Cookery School), is perfect for all foodies looking to learn more about their craft.

It isn’t just for experts either with Vladimir helping anyone interested in food, but never ventured into the kitchen, an opportunity to find out what it is all about. I thoroughly enjoyed my day there and the amount of food you eat is mindboggling as you eat everything you cook. I did the course on nutrition which was highly informative and put a few old wives tales to bed on what is good and bad for you. Key message is everything in moderation with a focus on quality rather than quantity.

If you ever find yourself up in the Cotswolds it is a great day out.

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