Jenny the Juniper

I had the pleasure of having one of our new Juniper MX240s on my desk the other day after it was shipped in from the US. After waiting weeks for them to arrive it was nice to finally see our custom build routers which will see service in our network in the near future. As a Cisco house predominantly, Juniper is a departure from the norm, but the technical team are warming to them, especially as they offer more bang for your buck. And as we all know the larger the specification the better!

So these new routers each house (in their current specification) two routing engines to allow for live upgrades of firmware and configuration. Over 80 Gb/s of connectivity from dedicated 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s fibre ports and support for 32,000 subscribers. Being a modular chassis the whole thing is upgradable with new cards supporting 100 Gb/s per port giving us at least a few years of growth. To my mind it looks very similar in design and size to the excellent Cisco 7604’s we use for our transit routers, but I am told more suited for the environment we have planned for it.

So it just leaves us with the decision of what names to christen them with.


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