It is time for a change

I have been a bit busy over the past few weeks with our office move (more to follow on that) but with polling day upon us I thought it necessary acknowledge it. I am just hoping for a record turnout this time because I feel with such a low turnout and voter apathy we never seem to get a true picture of how Britain wants to be run.

People are obviously quick to slate the government on this or that, but as far as I am concerned by not voting they can’t have an opinion. I was really surprised at how many people didn’t vote at the last general election. At least with the TV debates it has made the topic far more appealing if a little like the TV program, Big Brother. Hopefully tonight people will look at the parties rather than the leaders and vote on the policies and not the catchy sound bites. I vote Conservative (can’t you tell from all the blue on the page!), a boy who fondly remembers the John Major years before the branded Blair years. I believe in a small government and that new businesses will help to propel the country into prosperity once again.

Ironically my business, Fluidata, started and grew under Labour but I feel it was more with one hand behind my back rather than supporting the company. We didn’t get any special relief or support, just a lot of red tape and now tax for making it a success. What the existing government doesn’t seem to understand is that when the percentage of tax goes down the income generated from tax actually increases. I think because people will accept fair tax rates and will be less likely to avoid them. But red tape is a massive problem; I think we have one of the most complicated tax regimes in the world, with uncertainty on HMRC’s viewpoint prevalent. A simpler scheme would make a big difference to new enterprise.

Another point I feel that has been lost in this election is transport and, more importantly, the 20 million or so car owners who continue to be spanked in the name of the environment. Cars are becoming ever cleaner and will, one day; offer the pollution free motoring so to continue to tax so highly seems very short-sighted.

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