Is a small company a bad thing?

In relation to my last post I just want to clarify that my position of what is a small business would probably fit 99% of all businesses in the UK economy. I think ‘small’ builds ideas of a shoe string operation that is here today and gone tomorrow. And the fact that certain business won’t deal with smaller companies because of this or as discussed (previous blogs) demand terms that wouldn’t be agreeable with any other company.

Frankly a well run, financially secure ‘small’ company is leaps and bounds better to deal with than a large corporate. Firstly they are usually pretty transparent and it is easier to get the product/service you expect or adapt it to your needs. Secondly it is easier to check the health of the business (who would have thought all these ‘large’ banks would have gone bust) so that the supply of the product can be guaranteed. Thirdly if there are problems it is usually quickly resolved (as there aren’t the layers of management) and wisdom prevails.

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