Health and safety nonsense

I heard the other day that when we had the big snow fall, the local Tesco didn’t clear any of it up outside their store or in the car park. Apparently they had all the necessary equipment but management told the staff not to clear it. The reason given was that if they did clear it and someone slipped and hurt themselves they could then sue Tesco. However if they didn’t clear it and they slipped then it would be counted as an act of god and nobody would be responsible..

Completely ridiculous. No wonder the country is in a mess with a little bit of snow because anyone who might want to help can’t for fear of being sued. In Denmark every citizen is responsible for the street in front of their house and so when there is a big snow fall it isn’t a big deal.

I ignored all of this of course and cleared the street in front of my home so people could walk to the local shop and cars wouldn’t skid into my parked car.

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