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One of the fascinating things of being involved in start-ups is the opportunity you have to learn something new and disrupt age old thinking. However with Gutology, a start-up I am involved in, that is actually the opposite position we find ourselves in because over 2,000 years go Hippocrates, the man counted as the father of modern medicine, said that all disease begins with the gut. That is a statement we seemed to have forgotten about over the centuries but as Gutology is showing a healthy gut is the foundation to good health.

For many of us we understand the importance of a healthy diet but few really realise all the elements of our digestion and the knock on effect it can have if we have it out of sync. What Gutology does is literally talk about, as it has a very good podcast, all elements of our diet and what we can do to address some of the issues we may be suffering from.

Last week the Economist ran a great article on how studies are showing that the microbial ecosystem in the mouth and gut are linked to many issues. With our large intestine containing more microbes than there are cells in our body we have coevolved with bacteria for millions of years. So much so that ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, Parkinsons and even Alzheimers are shown to be linked to changes in bacteria in our mouths through to our gut. This means without the need of big pharmaceuticals if you are able to get the right advice you can transform your health by looking after your body.

Going even further digestive troubles have been linked to autism with studies being carried out at the California Institute of Technology. More work needs to be done but as we understand the link of a healthy gut to a healthy body the opportunities for Gutology appear limitless. Olly, the founder and host of the Gutology podcast, is convinced we are on the precipice of a $bn industry that will see a shift away from a pill response to ailments and actually solving the root cause through resetting the body. Well not all pills, as one of those most interesting opportunities, is the sharing of faecal matter between a healthy patient and a sick one to help restart their bacteria in their gut. The idea of swallowing such a pill may sound off-putting but the ability to help people recover from lifelong ailments is exciting.

What is so interesting about this business, and the industry, is the links that are being found – almost on a daily basis – on conditions that can be treated by resetting your gut. From depression to obesity or chronic heart disease it appears that Hippocrates was onto something all those years ago. As people discover the power of the gut they are looking to professionals to help to get advice on where to start. As I say I think the podcast is probably the best first port of call but failing that Gutology has launched the ability to talk for free to a BANT qualified Gutologist about any issue or ailment you may be experiencing from. With lockdown we have been increasingly busy, from people all over the world, and it is a service I suggest you, or someone you know who may benefit from, checks out.

There are a number of Gutology supplements that are available and if you use the code NEW21 you can get 20% off your first order. Certainly my wife and I are finding the sleep powder an amazing addition to our evening routine.

To listen to the podcast click here. Or to speak to a Gutologist at the website.

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