Green or profit – you can only choose one!

I was wondering if you have noticed the recent decline of talk about going green. Up until September last year you couldn’t open a magazine or paper without reading about how the earth is heating up and we are all doomed.

Since the issues on the financial melt down it does seem to have taken very much of a back page. I assume editors think that they can always go back to in on a quiet press day, but interesting that something which is meant to have a wide impact on humanity can be so easily cast away. I wonder if this is the major stumbling block with the environment and that until the worse happens it will never be taken seriously? Or maybe, more likely, that once oil reaches $100 a barrel again the scare mongering can once again begin and that it will be financial incentive rather than one to save our lives.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for cleaning up the world but difficult to take our call to action seriously when nobody else seems to remember to do so.

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