Google Glass in the future

Interesting video by Playground on what Google Glass could look like in the future and how it could be integrated into everyday life. Obviously I am not too sure I would jump straight from ‘my father is dying’ to ‘where is my guitar’ but I think it is a good example of how powerful wearable IT could be when coupled with the power of the internet. A lot of the processing power happens within the cloud, so a good internet connection will be crucial but with the future possibilities of 4G I think it won’t be long before such features become a reality. I probably though will wait for Apple’s inevitable version which will be much more stylish!

Where Google Glass will have immense power is when something untoward happens and immediately hundreds if not thousands of people will be able to witness and upload video of the event. In a similar way to when the asteroid hit Siberia and the hundreds of people who caught the event on their car cameras (required apparently because of the number of car crashes) providing incredible scientific insight.

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