Give women a chance

With Baroness Thatcher having her funeral this week I thought it was interesting to read all the related ‘women leader’ articles that appeared. I am not going to argue positive or negative points of Margret’s premiership (although you can probably guess my point of view from my favourite colour) but everyone would agree that she was an exceptional woman working well in a very male dominated environment.

And with that you have, even in the world of motorsport, people like Sir Stirling Moss making statements that women don’t have what it takes to become a successful F1 driver. Quite why anyone would care what he thinks in the first place concerns me somewhat, surely some of our latest champions would give a more balanced view, and not such an antiquated one. If Thatcher’s death has done anything this week that is surely to remind us that anyone, male or female, with a little hard work can achieve their dreams. I am sure that Susie Wolff will help demonstrate, from her seat in a Williams, that women can achieve anything they put their minds to.

It brings back comparisons to my own business and the industry of telecoms which is notoriously bad at attracting women. We have worked hard to ensure we employ women wherever possible and our business has benefited as a result. Not only is it a more natural and enjoyable working environment by having a mix, it also means our decisions and direction for the company are that more mature and considered.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long for another female Prime Minister (although I fear Margret Thatcher’s legacy is one few would want to be compared against) and that women don’t get disheartened about a few negative views and continue to strive to reach their life goals.

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