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To celebrate the completion of the first series of our podcast, we are excited to announce that Eo925 is partnering with the Joachim Roeser Memorial Fund to support ambitious people with innovative ideas to grow their businesses.

Over the course of twelve weeks, we are offering twelve one to one sessions of mentorship and support with experienced entrepreneur and Eo925 Founder, Piers Daniell. In addition, the Joachim Roeser Memorial Fund is donating £5,000 to help support you in making your business dream a reality.

The Memorial Fund was set up in 2020 in memory of Joachim Roeser, an experienced board director and much-loved friend and mentor to many. Joachim spent much of his professional life supporting businesses to realise their true potential. As part of his legacy, Joachim’s family created the Memorial Fund to support the causes he cared about most, one of which was to help others on their journey to realise their business ambitions.

Our founder, Piers Daniell, is an entrepreneur in the world of energy, property and politics and has mentored several people throughout his career. He believes passionately that anyone can make their own luck and that there is no secret to success, just a lot of hard work, and not being afraid to invest in yourself. Piers set up his first company in his bedroom at the age of 15 and has been a business owner ever since.

The last year has been tough for many, but we believe that where there is change, there is opportunity. If you have been inspired to start a business or have already taken the leap and are looking for further investment to make your idea fly, email with your business plan for the chance to work with Eo925 and make your idea a reality.

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