Dual Advance

As a follow on from my last piece about BT suffering from a major outage over the weekend I thought it would be worth detailing our latest development for business internet resilience.

s we all know businesses are seeing the merits of moving to voice and video technology to help them be more efficient and serve their clients better. Part of this adoption requires further investment into their connectivity to make it more resilient and cope better with time critical data such as a voice call. I am sure we have all had a play with Skype and seen the affects of downloading a large email or surfing the internet at the same time as the voice and data traffic battle for space. Well exactly the same for a business, however magnified and even worse as it is their client who is on the other end of the call.

The solution is to run in two lines into that office from independent carriers so that the voice and data traffic is separated from each other. Also because the lines are independent both shouldn’t go down if there is a technical fault (as they use different DSLAMS and backhaul at the telephone exchange). However the problem comes with physically making the switch especially if public IPs are involved.

Our new product ‘Dual Advance’ combines the use of two separate carriers (ie BT and C&W for example) into one solution that behave like the separate solution before. This allows data to travel down the BT line and voice down the C&W line. The beauty comes when one line fails and the system automatically transfers the traffic, and critically the IP addresses, over to the other line seamlessly. It happens so quickly that the user is unaware that it has happened apart from probably having to deal with a call that is now affected by the data flow. A small price to pay though for a completely automated solution that ensures that both services stay up in the event of a fault. Once the fault has been fixed the traffic moves back across to the line it previously couldn’t use.

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