At least I am not that crazy

Enjoyed last weeks test drive of the new Ariel Atom V8 on Top Gear. For those who have missed it, the V8 is the latest incarnation of the ultra fast Atom. Obviously 300 bhp is not enough so a 3 litre V8 pushing out 500 bhp adorns the new car making it one of the fastest accelerating cars (as Clarkson would say)… in the world!

I placed my order last year for an Atom 3 with the supercharger kicking out 300 bhp but apparently that it is actually closer to 330 bhp at the wheels. So while it will be slower to 60 Mph by 0.5 seconds it still manages it in under 3 seconds. I think that is plenty, and it costs substantially less. Already my family are talking about ‘when you are dead’ in relation to it as delivery gets closer and closer – the Top Gear show did nothing to appease their fear.

So in the meantime I just have to hope that some of the new options that are on the V8 make it through to the optional specification before mine heads down the production line. The new LCD screen looks top notch as does the super fast automated gearbox but at a reported £60,000 just for that I am not so sure it is feasible. And some say Audi are expensive with their options…

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