Are businesses mad?

This week sees the launch of BT’s new promotion for businesses. Sign up today and get a free mobile dongle so you can browse the internet when not in the office! It sounds all terribly exciting until you read the contract, and realise that the mobile broadband has a paltry 1 GB limit and BT want you to commit to 2-years of service so they can make their money back.

Why anyone would commit to two years of service for a little ADSL line just so they can get a free mobile dongle is beyond me – we find it difficult sometimes to convince companies to accept 12-months with SDSL just because businesses don’t know what they will need in 6-months let alone 24.

If you are really tempted by this offer please trust me that your better off shopping around and getting something like 3’s pay as you go mobile broadband dongle for the times you need to work when you are away from the office.

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