A time consuming process

I moved home last weekend from the home that saw the birth of Fluidata to another one a few villages away. It was quite a momentous occasion as the house was actually the longest our family have ever held onto a property. In the last 25 or so years we have moved some 15 times across the country and even (when I was much younger) the world. The cottage started life as a holiday retreat and later became my home. I have spent most weekends back there and still prefer it to living in London.

The move was painless enough but what is taking the time is the process of updating everyone with my new address. You would have thought in the last 25 years this would have got easier but it hasn’t. Granted friends and family can be notified in an instant via email but why has nobody thought of making it simple to update all the suppliers who need your details. I am now spending my time sending off my driving licence, getting a new V5 for the car, insurance, bank, credit card, magazine subscriptions, mail redirection and so on. You would have thought that someone would have put together a service where you could notify someone once and everyone would then have your new details.

I have a service with the bank where I can call a number if my wallet is stolen and within days all my cards, driving licence and passport will be cancelled and replaced. Surely it would be a great idea to have the same service to notify of change of address? I suspect there are issues surrounding data protection but to be honest they have all the details already so I wouldn’t be too concerned. It must be a nightmare for people who move regularly, like with the armed services, or abroad!

At least if there was a service like this I could spend more time updating my blog than calling people. Better get on the phone to council with regards registering on the electoral register…

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