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I have been toying with the idea of starting some kind of blog for a while but it was only when I was included in Mark Samuels’ blog from Computing (http://knowledge.computing.co.uk/) that I realised it is possible to mix business and pleasure. Nobody would be interested in reading about just the telecoms industry so if I am able to include a bit of personal trivia it would actually be a bit more appealing.

I will tell you now I didn’t go to university and I am somewhat dyslexic so while my comments may not be as polished as an English major hopefully the content will be interesting, and if possible, thought provoking.

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  • Rob KB says:


    Never realised you were both so young, and the boss! Nice blog, keep it up, and just to say to everyone out there (shameless plug) fluid are an excellant provider, they work hard for you and will do everything in their power when BT let you down.

    All the best


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